(relative to the AXIONRUSH project)

1. Flavour Violating Axions
L. Di Luzio
arXiv:1911.02591 [hep-ph]; DESY 19-193 
Published in EPJ Web Conf. 234 (2020) 01005

2. Axion-electron decoupling in nucleophobic axion models 
F. Björkeroth, L. Di Luzio, F. Mescia, E. Nardi, P. Panci and R. Ziegler 
arXiv:1907.06575 [hep-ph]; DESY 19-194
Published in Phys. Rev. D 101, no. 3, 035027 (2020)

3. Scalar gauge dynamics and Dark Matter
D. Buttazzo, L. Di Luzio, P. Ghorbani, C. Gross, G. Landini, A. Strumia, D. Teresi and J.-W. Wang
arXiv:1911.04502 [hep-ph]; DESY 19-197 
Published in JHEP 2001 (2020) 130 

4. Covert symmetries in the neutrino mass matrix
F. Björkeroth, L. Di Luzio, F. Mescia, E. Nardi
arXiv:1910.00576 [hep-ph]; DESY 20-008
Published in JHEP 2002 (2020) 066

5. The landscape of QCD axion models
L. Di Luzio, M. Giannotti, E. Nardi, L. Visinelli
arXiv:2003.01100 [hep-ph]; DESY 20-036
Published in Physics Reports 870 (2020) 1-117

6. Pati-Salam Axion
L. Di Luzio
arXiv:2005.00012 [hep-ph]; DESY 20-071
Published in JHEP 07 (2020) 071

7. Solar axions cannot explain the XENON1T excess
L. Di Luzio, M. Fedele, M. Giannotti, F. Mescia, E. Nardi
arXiv:2006.12487 [hep-ph]; DESY 20-106
Published in Phys. Rev. Lett. 125, 131804 (2020) 
[highlighted as Editors' Suggestion]

8. Axion-mediated forces and CP violation in left-right models  
S. Bertolini, L. Di Luzio, F. Nesti 
arXiv:2006.12508 [hep-ph]; DESY 20-103
Submitted to Phys. Rev. Lett.

9. Axion quality from the (anti)symmetric of SU(N)
M. Ardu, L. Di Luzio, G. Landini, A. Strumia, D. Teresi and J.-W. Wang
arXiv:2007.12663 [hep-ph]; DESY 20-124
Published in JHEP 11 (2020) 090

10. Accidental SO(10) axion from gauged flavour
L. Di Luzio
arXiv:2008.09119 [hep-ph]; DESY 20-133
Published in JHEP 11 (2020) 074

11. Hunting for the CP violating ALP
L. Di Luzio, R. Gröber, P. Paradisi
arXiv:2010.13760 [hep-ph]; DESY 20-183
Submitted to Phys. Rev. Lett.

12. Selective enhancement of the QCD axion couplings
L. Darmé, L. Di Luzio, M. Giannotti, E. Nardi
arXiv:2010.15846 [hep-ph]; DESY 20-177
Submitted to Phys. Rev. D

13. The Anomalous Case of Axion EFTs and Massive Chiral Gauge Fields 
Q. Bonnefoy, L. Di Luzio, C. Grojean, A. Paul, A. N. Rossia
arXiv:2011.10025 [hep-ph]; DESY 20-194
To be submitted to JHEP